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Bioshock Infinite Launch Trailer

2K Games and Irrational Games are ready to launch Bioshock Infinite on March 26. Take a look at the launch trailer and see how awesome the game is one more time.

Chris Barnes

2K Games and Irrational Games just released a launch trailer for Bioshock Infinite in anticipation of tomorrows launch. Watch as Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth attempt to make their escape from the mysterious and powerful Songbird. Watch as the two work together to survive the many oddities that inhabit the Columbia. Watch as… well, just watch.

Everyone here at Gamer Horizon can’t wait for the game to be released so we can begin our adventure and rescue Elizabeth. I personally plan on picking up Bioshock Infinite for the PlayStation 3 and just may go to the midnight launch to do so. After playing the original Bioshock and its sequel, I’m excited to explore the floating city of Columbia and discover its many secrets. I haven’t been this excited to play a first person shooter in a long time! Bioshock Infinite is getting rave reviews and a few perfect scores here and there, so its launch is going to turn into something more like an event than anything.

If you’re somehow not sold on the game yet, watch the trailer as I’m sure will help you make up your mind. Watch out for the full review on Bioshock Infinite on Gamer Horizon soon!



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  • Alex Inigo

    I’m super hyped for this game. I’m definitely thinking of attending the midnight launch tonight, if only because I can hand out my snazzy business cards hehe.