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Customize your Dragon’s Crown

Customize each character’s look, change their name, the language they speak and the Narrator’s voice before your Dragon’s Crown adventure begins.

Chris Barnes

Atlus and Vanillaware are offering players the ability to customize your Dragon’s Crown characters in the soon to 2D side scrolling action/adventure. The game will take more than a few hours to complete so Atlus advises players to kick their feet up, get comfortable and make custom changes to which ever character they intend to play with.

Here are some of the optional changes Dragon’s Crown allows the players to make.

  • Name – Character names are selected randomly initially, but are fully editable. (within good taste, naturally)
  • Outfit – Each class comes with five different color palette options for their outfits, ranging from “True Steel” to “Deep Crow.”
  • Voice – Not only will each class have an English voice, but we’ve also left the Japanese combat voices in the game. It’s a per-character option, so the battlefield can have a mix of languages.
  • Analog – For the old-school fans out there, Dragon’s Crown includes an option to switch movement from the analog stick to the D-Pad. (other controls are locked)

The customizations for the playable characters in Dragon’s Crown are a welcome addition to the game but only add up to simple pallette swaps. This is similar to what you would see with sprite based characters for the 8 and 16-bit generation games, or with 2D fighting games. I personally would have liked to see clothing options for the different characters along with new character types as well. Having three different character types to choose from per class would go along way to diversifying the available options.

Along with the optional pallette swaps, Atlus is offering a free separate voice pack for the first month of release for Dragon’s Crown. This voice pack will change the narrator’s Victorian voice to that of one of the six playable characters. Take a look that the pallette swap options for each character class and tell us what you think. Is this enough or should Atlus and Vanillaware add more?

Dragon's Crown Dwarf outfits

Dwarf outfits

Dragon's Crown Elf outfits

Elf outfits







Dragon's Crown Sorceress outfits

Sorceress outfits




Dragon's Crown Wizard outfits

Wizard outfits




Dragon's Crown Fighter outfits

Fighter outfits




Dragon's Crown Amazon outfits

Amazon outfits