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Ed Boon’s still got that Scorpion voice

Ed Boon was asked to say Scorpion’s now legendary phrase at Comic Con and we found a video of it!

Alex Inigo

Yes, San Diego Comic Con 2013 is happening right now and we unfortunately weren’t able to make it there this year (Awww). But that doesn’t mean that we don’t get to see some of the more memorable events coming from the show this weekend! During a Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 panel yesterday, Ed Boon was asked if he could do Scorpion’s legendary, “Get over here!” line live on stage. If you don’t know, Ed Boon did a lot of the voice overs for the original Mortal Kombat and this role pretty much carried over to the game’s sequels. And yes, someone actually got a video of it… so here it is!

Thanks Urban P. of Youtube for posting this!