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Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer is live and it looks awesome!

Grand Theft Auto V is coming in 3 months and we finally have a gameplay trailer!

Sean Mesler

Today Rockstar has released the first ever gameplay trailer for my number one most anticipated game of this year, Grand Theft Auto V! The video below shows not only the sites to see in Los Santos (Los Angeles) but also a quick overview of how heists will go down, from planning to execution. They’ve also promised refined driving and shooting mechanics so everyone who complained about those in Grand Theft Auto IV can rest easy.

Check out the video and drool.

And what about that tease at the end?

  • Mr.Louis

    Looks awesome, worth playing. On a side note, I notice no Wii U logo at the end of the trailer, I always said this that if the GTAV don’t come to the Wii U, it will be a hurdle for Nintendo and bringing it late it not going to cut it. Anyway, can’t wait to see more GTAV.