PlayStation Plus Update for 6/18: Saints Row: The Third

Thanks to the short month of June, we’ll be getting two games in PlayStation Plus this week: Saints Row: The Third and Gods Eater Burst.

Ted Polak

After the smorgasboard of last week’s PlayStation Plus update, we still have some great titles this week. Because there are only four Tuesdays this month, we’re getting both Saints Row: The Third for PlayStation 3, and Gods Eater Burst for PSP, compatible with Vita.

Saints Row: The Third practically needs no introduction. The Saints are no longer just a street gang; they’re a franchise. Explore this crazy open-world game, featuring a great soundtrack, including a radio station that plays songs from Tim & Eric, and engage in activities like getting hit by cars for the insurance money. This is the second AAA title this month for PlayStation Plus, ignoring the three bonus titles we got, which, in and of themselves, are AAA titles.


Gods Eater Burst came out near the end of the PSP’s life cycle. It was released to ride the wave of popularity that Monster Hunter brought to the PSP, and plays similarly. It’s a last-minute replacement for Orc Attack, a game that was scheduled for a free Day 1 PlayStation Plus release, but had to be delayed. I skipped this on PSP when it came out, but after watching the trailer and seeing that this game has a full plot, unlike Monster Hunter, I will be giving this a good look.


Scheduled to leave the PlayStation Plus instant game collection is Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. However, since we are getting two games this week, a second one may also be pulled. Keep in mind that as long as you “purchase” a game from the instant game collection, it’s yours to keep. Make sure you’ve got everything you want! Also, the best of E3 2012 sale will end, so hop on that if you haven’t already.


  • http://virtualgamemuseum.webs.com/ Mr.Louis

    Nice, since if ppl went to the E3 2013 PSHome, you can get a 1 month free PS+, I’m interested at Gods Eater Burst, since God Eater is part of PxZ, it might give me a back story about the franchise.

  • http://www.gamerhorizon.com/ Ted Polak

    I have no idea what PxZ is. Also, I gave my free trial to Sean, since I am already a Plus user, and ineligible for the one month trial.

  • http://virtualgamemuseum.webs.com/ Mr.Louis

    Project x Zone, characters from God Eater is in it.