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Dracula Unleashed2

The Top 5: Most underappreciated games

This week, the Gamer Horizon crew lists their The Top 5: Most underappreciated games.

After talking about games that disappointed us, we decided it was time to sing the praises of those games that most people don't talk about but they should. The Top 5: Most underappreciated games shall commence in 3, 2.... Alex - 5. Journey to Silius - Overshadowed by both Batman and Blaster Master for the NES, Journey to Silius was a fairly short yet difficult game that had awesome music and thematic elements very similar to Terminator… well, if Terminator was primarily set in the future when an older John Connor was fighting SkyNet. Sure, the boy controlled almost like the tank in Blaster Master, but the things that they did with the tilesets, coupled with the fantastic music, will always be something I’ll remember of that game. Here’s some of those tunes I was talking about: httpvh:// 4. Power Blazer - Power Blazer is the Japanese version of Power Blade, a game released in the United States where the publishers (or was it the developers?)

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Batman Arkham City

The Top 5: Most disappointing games

Ever get burned by expectations? Welcome to the Top 5: Most disappointing games.

We've all been there. Looking forward to game or even interested in a game's potential only to get you hands on the game and have it completely disappoint or fail to live up to your expectations. This week, we honor those games and those feelings with The Top 5: Most disappointing games. Let the tears commence: Alex - 5. Amy - The ideas behind Amy were completely sound. In fact, much of the game’s premise, story, and even its downloadable nature and price point were all appealing. The problem came when the game actually came out, and it turned out to be a complete mess. Shoddy controls, uneven lighting and contrast in areas, and terrible frame rates plagued your gaming experience in every turn. I don’t normally mind frame rate drops and hitches, but when it affects your gameplay that’s when I draw the line. 4. Max Payne 3 - Surprised that a Rockstar Game made it to my list? I am too, given that I wasn’t really looking forward to this game. I got totally sold on its ideas,

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SimCity 2013 - Tower

Three SimCity devs leave EA to make Jellygrade

SimCity developers leave Electronic Arts and form their own indie gaming studio called Jellygrade to work on more Simulation games.

Electronic Arts, the developers of the SimCity games and many other titles have lost three of their team members who have gone off and formed a new game studio. Creative Director Ocean Quigley along with lead architect Andrew Willmott and lead gameplay engineer Dan Moskowitz have formed indie studio Jellygrade and will be working on their own simulation games. Quigley made the announcement on his twitter feed saying "We love simulations," and "After 17 years [on SimCity] it was time for something new." Jellygrade's first game as described by Quigley as "a simulation about the dawn of life on earth; about lava, water, rock and the emergence of the first primordial creatures." It should come as no surprise that three SimCity developers leaving EA to form their own studio would opt to work on their own simulation games. I personally would have thought their first title would be something other than a simulation game, but that's me. They are working on what they know and these guys know

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