What’s Up Weekend for 7/19/2013 to 7/21/2013

This weekend, Chris is going to be lazy, Sean’s conjuring up some demons, and more!

Alex Inigo

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting yet late edition of What’s Up Weekend! This weekend doesn’t seem to particularly exciting for the crew from what I can tell, but at least everyone’s playing games… even if some of them are playing the same things they were playing last weekend. Without any further ado, here’s what the crew will be up to this weekend!

Saints Row: The Third

Are you really surprised? I’ve been playing Saints Row: The Third!


I’ve been busy working on the brand new site when I have chances, but I’ve delved deep into Saints Row: The Third again in preparation for Saints Row IV. Otherwise, I’m helping someone move their stuff tomorrow and maybe sneak in some Vita time while we’re at it!

Pinball Arcade

Ted’s most likely going to play Pinball Arcade this weekend. It says so on his Raptr account.


I’m going to see my dad, so gaming will be a low priority. If I have time, we’ll see what’s on my 3DS or Vita. I’ll probably just stare at my game library, and then hop into Pinball Arcade.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I have a hunch that Chris has killed the Gamer Horizon crew plenty of times while playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown


I’m staying home and playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Magic 2014

Ari is knee deep in Animal Crossing: New Leaf still… but to change it up, here’s a photo of Magic 2014


Just got back from visiting family out of state! This weekend I’m playing catch up. I’d still like to get a review for Magic 2014 done, so I’ll be playing that. Still playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf daily. Also, with the Steam sale in full swing, I picked up a lot of games I’ve been wanting to play. There’s never enough time!

The Conjuring

Hey! It’s that one girl who always plays these hippy chicks, like in the Haunting… with Catherine Zeta Jones… I should shut up now.


Dead Space 2 is standing at the head of my backlog. That game is actually kind of boring.

Keeping with the horror I’m gonna see The Conjuring with my girlfriend.

So, dear readers, what are you all going to be up to this weekend?