Watch the PlayStation Meeting On Our Site!

It’s February 20, 2013 and it’s time to countdown for Sony’s PlayStation Meeting at 6pm ET/3pm PT! For your convenience, we’ve actually included a snazzy countdown timer so you’ll know when this event is happening, regardless of where you are in the world. Gamer Horizon will be covering the announcements coming out of the PlayStation Meeting in New York City today and you’ll be able to watch the whole event from this very post! Also, we’ll be available both on Twitter and on the website comments to join you all as we sit back, kick our shoes up, and see what Sony will be showing us at this grand event.

While we’re waiting for this event to start, we’ve embedded the Twitter feed of the #playstationmemories hashtag here so that, if you’re so inclined, you can read and share your #playstationmemories with other fans and read them. We’ve also embedded a Twitter feed of all our staff here at Gamer Horizon so that you can see their reactions to the PlayStation Meeting as well, outside of the comments section. As with any event, we’ll be compiling all the announcements in one post after the event is completed. So bookmark this page and let’s watch the future of PlayStation unfold!

Update: For your reading pleasure, we’ve added a couple of article links on the website that are… perhaps… related to today’s “announcement.” Both links will open a new window/tab so you can keep your place here on this page.

The Final Countdown




Streaming Live by Ustream

Crew Reactions


0 thoughts on “Watch the PlayStation Meeting On Our Site!

      1. Can’t wait for that one, a cheap gaming PC or a Wii HD, hmm…… I may be a Nintendo fanboy, but right now, SCEA, just convince me why I should get the PS4, let’s see what E32013 for Sony.


  1. Nice, it game me a reason to keep looking at the PS4 on the coming months, too bad that they didn’t show the console, but so far good games on the console. Can’t wait in the coming months…


  2. My quick thoughts on the event, a console that close to a PC, good games right off the bad, Gaikai is the key for past games *(hopefully that goes with backward compatibility), PS4 on the Vita as a remote play, more social (maybe), Sony just got my interest. Planning to blog about the event and my thoughts of the PS4.


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