Backlog BBQ Podcast #6: The Price of Fan Girling

Welcome back to another episode of Backlog BBQ! This week, we talk about the upcoming release of Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas, Ari’s experience with the latest Magic the Gathering title, and Ted and I fan girl about going to Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in October, in addition to complaining about the broken-ness of Killer Instinct. Boo! Hiss!

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0 thoughts on “Backlog BBQ Podcast #6: The Price of Fan Girling

  1. SF4 Sagat is the best, it’s good that they are doing online edition select. As evo, I hate to admit, it was interesting, even for a non-fgc, but there are things that kind of bummer:

    4. No Street Fighter x Tekken, that’s the best game evar.

    3. Surprisingly no one colluded.

    2. Using XBox360 instead of PS3, blasphermy.

    1. USF4 Edition Select should be part of Evo, like on the side tournament.

    And yes, I’m being goofy.


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