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Gamer Horizon After Hours E10 – Too many games!

On this week’s Gamer Horizon After Hours Ted, Alex and Sean get together to talk about gamescom, being overwhelmed with review games, and even Hatsune Miku.

Sean Mesler

We’re baaaaack! After a bit of break Alex, Ted and Sean got together to talk about the fact that there are way too many games out now and how we can’t keep up! I know… it’s the incredibly first world problems us gamers face. This week, we talk Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Disney Infinity, the weirdness that is Hatsune Miku as well as Sony’s press conference at gamescom, Microsoft’s seemingly poor planning for the Xbox One launch, the 2DS and more.

Intro and Outro music from Hypno Jam with Dan by Quicksand

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  • Louis D

    Some key points:

    Reggie had to downplay the competitors because its his job, douchebag it may be, he’s paid to make Nintendo good no matter what.

    2Ds is for the common consumers, not the dedicated gamers.

    Wii U price cut, it was the #1 request from Nintendo since launch.

  • Ari Margo

    Petting them?