Ted Polak

Ted had an Atari 2600 since the age of 2. Or maybe he did. He swears he did, but memory around that time is fuzzy. He also had a Commodore 64, but he remembers that. Initially, Ted was a Nintendo devotee, shunning other systems through the Nintendo 64, until one day he picked up a Playstation, Final Fantasy 7, and Resident Evil 2. Since then, Ted has owned every major handheld and console platform that has released. He has a game backlog so large, he has written a custom Windows application to help him manage it. He enjoys competitive gaming, and still holds his Store Champion title from the Blockbuster tournaments held almost two decades ago. His favorite genre is fighting games, and you can find him grinding it out at Wednesday Night Fights in Southern California trying to improve and get to that next level. He also enjoys League of Legends and Awesomenauts, but doesn’t play many other MOBA’s.

First video game you ever played
I guess the first game I ever played was Kangaroo for the Atari 2600, but I can’t tell you a lot about that.

First video game you ever finished
Probably the first game I can recall beating was Super Mario Brothers.

First video game system you ever purchased with your own money
First console I bought with my own money was the original Xbox. I bought it with the money I earned working as an art department assistant on an Insane Clown Posse music video. I would prefer not to talk about that so much.

Systems played
Rather than list all the systems I have played games on, it would be easier to list systems I have never played a game on (Not owned, just played)

  • 32X
  • Pippin
  • Nuon

I think that’s it.

Genres, in order of favorites, with genre favorites

  • Fighting – Skullgirls
  • Classics – Mega Man Franchise
  • Shooter – Borderlands 2
  • RPG – Persona 3
  • Strategy – Civilization 5
  • Music – Rock Band 3
  • Modern Adventure – Uncharted
  • Traditional Adventure – Zelda 1
  • Stealth – Mark of the Ninja
  • Classic Shooter – Jamestown
  • Racing – Wipeout
  • Puzzle – Magical Drop
  • Fitness – Dance Central
  • Motion – Wii Sports Resort
  • Action Sports – NBA Jam
  • Platformer – Super Meat Boy
  • Brawler – Final Fight
  • Party – Fuzion Frenzy
  • Simulation – Don’t Shit Your Pants
  • Sports – Larry Bird vs Doctor J
  • Social – Cow Clicker

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