The Top Games of the 7th Generation of Video Games

Get ready for the Top 10 Games of the Generation from each of our editors, and Gamer Horizon’s overall Top 25 Games of the Generation!

Ari Margo

With a new generation upon us, it’s time to look back at what made the last generation great! All five of our editors will be contributing their own Top Ten Games of the Generation lists, and those will be followed by Gamer Horizon’s Top 25 Games of the Generation! The rules for these lists are simple. The games have to have been released anytime after the release of the Xbox 360 (November 22nd, 2005), and cannot be PlayStation 4 or Xbox One exclusives. We are allowing 3DS and Vita titles.

Keep an eye on this page; it will be updated as all of that content is delivered. And as always, be sure to let our editors know what you think of their lists in the comments section at the bottom of their articles! Happy Holidays, everyone!


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