S01E15: Xenoblade or XENOblade?

In this epic episode of the Gamer Horizon Podcast, we interview Richard Ross of Operation Rainfall and talk about the history of their group, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, the state of JRPGs, western RPGs, other games, and the future of their group. We also talk about the Elder Scrolls MMO and Call […]

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S01E14: The Lucky One

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Alex and Anthony catch up on a few weeks’ worth of gaming, from Pinball Arcade, to Fez, to Tales of Graces, and, yes, The Witcher 2. They also debuted a brand new segment that you guys will surely enjoy and, of course, read your questions and comments. All […]

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S01E12: Comic Horizon ?! Come On!

It’s one of those days as Alex and Anthony record this episode a few days early again. This time around, they talk about Kickstarters, more about Chaos Rings 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, and even talk about some pinball. Of course, there’s also this week’s Time Trial and your questions and I can guarantee you that you […]

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S01E11: Cave Gaming

Now that they’ve back to their normal selves, Alex and Anthony tackle the subject of shoot-em-ups: a genre that’s been written off as dead by some gamers, only to have been revivified as downloadable titles and mobile phone games. Oh, and of course, Xenoblade Chronicles. And a special announcement that you’ll have to listen to […]

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