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Gamer Horizon is a video game website founded in 2011 with the goal of making everything about video games fun again. Our mission is to celebrate video gaming by providing gamers with the latest news, reviews, and previews on all sorts of games, from mobile, independent, high production games.¬†We’ve built our website to not only deliver awesome and entertaining video game content, but to also capture the lifestyle and culture of gamers all over the world.

Our site is 100% powered by our own funding, in concert with advertising, as well as donations and Amazon purchases from readers like you. We believe that in order to stay truly independent that Gamer Horizon cannot be funded by any outside organization that does not believe in what we want to achieve. And while this is the road least traveled, we can ensure that we’re delivering empathic coverage of video games and its culture that no other website out there can afford to do.

While we are journalists by trade, we are strongly defined by our gaming roots and we are extremely proud of our heritage. We invite you to engage us in conversation on our website, on our Facebook fan page, or on Twitter, and let’s build a community of gamers that are brought together by our love of gaming!


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