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Gamer Horizon After Hours E11 – Epicast 2!

Here’s a 2 plus hour After Hours Epicast, featuring Divekick, Dota 2, Disney Infinity, Diablo III, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and Payday 2.

Sean Mesler

Welcome back to another edition of the Gamer Horizon After Hours Podcast! The gang’s all here and we’re discussing a TON of games from Divekick, DotA 2, Disney Infinity, and Diablo III… and those are just the D’s! Ari also talks about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Stacking, and Sean talks about the importance of communication in Payday 2. Sit back and get ready for the 2 plus hour Epicast 2!

Intro and Outro music from Hypno Jam with Dan by Quicksand

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  • J.Lacan

    For some reason this isn’t showing up on itunes.

  • Alex Inigo

    Thanks for letting us know! We’ll check it out

  • Alex Inigo

    Just a quick update: We’ve updated things on our side and we’re just waiting for Apple to ping the podcast feed.