Here are your finalists for the 2013 IndieCade festival!

The folks organizing IndieCade sent us a list of nominees for the 2013 IndieCade festival, and it’s sure to get everyone excited! The list features games like Gone Home (which I reviewed), Rogue Legacy (which Ted reviewed), and Kentucky Route Zero (which no one reviewed… yet) as well as many other games that do deserve your attention. We’ve got the whole list right here, for you to check out:

  • – Rambod Kermanizadeh & Aaron Silbering
  • 99 Tiny Games – Hide & Seek
  • Constellation – Cosmic Games
  • Cube & Star: A Love Story – Doppler Interactive
  • Deadbolt – Elizabeth Sampat
  • Dog Eat Dog – Liwanag Press
  • Edgar Rice Soirée - Copenhagen Game Collective
  • Ephemerid – SuperChop Games
  • Extrasolar - Lazy 8 Studios
  • Gone Home – The Fullbright Company
  • Gunpoint – Suspicious Developments
  • Hermit Crab in Space – Golden Ruby Games
  • Kentucky Route Zero – Cardboard Computer
  • Kulak - David Coss
  • Luxuria Superbia – Tale of Tales
  • Movers and Shakers - Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game lab
  • Other – Quartic Llama
  • Perfect Woman – Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder
  • Pico – Digital Dream Quartet
  • Popertine's Twine Compilation - Popertine
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy - Blendo Games
  • Reus - Abbey Games
  • Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
  • Rollers of the Realm - Phantom Compass
  • Save the Date - Paper Dino Software
  • simian.interface - vested interest
  • Sokobond - Alan Hazelden & Harry Lee
  • Soundodger - Studio Bean
  • Spaceteam - Henry Sean
  • Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party - KnapNok Games & Redgrim
  • Starseed Pilgrim - Droquen & Ryan Roth
  • SUPER TIME FORCE - Capybara Games
  • That Dragon, Cancer - Josh Larson
  • TowerFall - Matt Makes Games
  • Upgrade Soul - Opertoon
  • Movers and Shakers - Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

If you've never heard of half these games, then you're in the same boat as us... but that's also why we're posting them here on the site. One of the things we want to do in the next coming months is to showcase games that might be swept under the carpet, thanks to all the big budget titles coming out. They're games: And while we like big budget titles, sometimes an experience or two that's unique and separate from all the other triple A experiences can provide insight with what the future of gaming holds. Let's not forget: Portal started off thanks to a small game called Narbucular Drop, after all. For more detailed descriptions and videos of these games, follow this link.

IndieCade is only a few weeks away and you can rest assured that your dear friends here at the Gamer Horizon website will be present to cover it! In case you didn't know, IndieCade is a celebration of indie gaming that happens every year in Los Angeles. It's open to the public, so if you ever want to check out what the fuss is about, we'd highly recommend you check it out. This year, it's going to be held on October 3 to 5, and I'm thinking I'll need to take some time off to really enjoy myself some awesome games!

If you see any of us there, be sure to say, "Hello!"


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