Battlefield 1942 Dogfighting Shenanigans Seen In Battlefield 3

Remember back in Battlefield 1942 when you could jump off of a plane, defeat your assailant with a rocket launcher, then jump back into the plane? No? Well, you missed out on some fun times!

The move, called a “loop zook”, is a totally insane move where you set your plane on a loop, eject out, use a rocket launcher on your attacker to kill them, and then jump back into the plane.

A recent video posted from the Battlefield 3 beta shows that, though EA and DICE have been touting that this is a “realistic” game, that you can still do almost the same, ahem, technique, during dogfighting! Whether this will be “fixed” or called “legacy” is uncertain, but I say keep it! It’ll make dogfighting a tad more interesting! Oh, and for the uninitiated, we do have a vid of the same thing being done in Battlefield 1942 as well.


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