Brand New Skullgirls Changes

I attended the last Skullgirls tournament at The Runback at Super Arcade in Walnut, CA. Mike Zaimont, the game’s lead designer, surprised everyone by revealing some brand new changes for the game. While the release date of the patch is unknown, I wanted to talk about the changes, on a per-character basis. Please note that all of this is subject to change.

  • Filia: No changes since the last patch.
  • Cerebella: She can cancel her elbow drop (down + MP in the air) in a special or super. For example, elbow drop tick throw into super is possible. Also, and this change was literally made while we were at the tournament (as in, Mike changed the code, recompiled, and installed the change in front of us), she can cancel the last hit of her grab super into Devil Horns (f, d, df + MP), sacrificing damage for comboability.
  • Peacock: She can cancel the recovery of her teleport into a super. So, right as she comes up, she can do the Argus Agony super, or lay down a large bomb (and perhaps use that to DHC out). She can also cancel all three versions of George’s Day Out into each other.
  • Parasoul: For some reason, she can cancel her Level 3 Super into Egret Call. There are lots of possibilities from this.
  • Miss Fortune: No changes since the last patch, but Mike wanted to reiterate that she can super out of her rekkas.
  • Painwheel: She can cancel the recovery of the air grab special move into flight. This allows her to air grab, fly, air grab. Also,  while in hatred install, her air grab causes ground bounce, increasing combo  potential.
  • Valentine:  She can now move after an air scalpel super, so air scalpel super -> air dash -> air scalpel super -> air dash -> flatline super is possible. Also, if she whiffs a super, she has more escape options.
  • Double: Double’s car super can now go the opposite way across the screen. Normally, it travels in the direction she is facing, but by holding back after it is called, it can go the other way. It is possible to combo standing HP into car super. Also, Double now gets meter during the cat head super, contrary to the last patch notes, but it’s 1/6th the normal rate of gain.

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