Megaton Game Coming to Playstation Store this Tuesday

Mad Dog McCree, one of the most well-known light gun arcade games of the early 90’s, is getting a release on the Playstation Store for PS3 this Tuesday, January 22. For $7.99, you’ll be able to relive the FMV experience of shooting ornery varmints who might be lookin’ funny in your direction, and save a town from the iron grip of its most notorious outlaw, Mad Dog McCree. The game will be displayed in 720p, support Playstation Move, and have 4 player co-op offline. It even has eight Trophies to earn. A demo will also be available.

While it doesn’t contain the entire Mad Dog McCree collection of games which released on the Wii a few years back, you have a few more days to wait until you spend six weeks livestreaming the game over trying to beat the last boss, but the stupid GameFAQ you pulled up is inaccurate.

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