PlayStation Plus Update for 2/5/13: Guardians of Middle Earth

The latest PlayStation Plus update for February 5, 2013 on the PSN Store has been announced and Guardians of Middle Earth, the console-based MOBA based on the Lord of the Rings franchise, will be available for free. It has over 20 playable characters and 5 versus 5 battles set in Tolkien’s world. In addition, Karateka for PS3 will be 50% off ($5.00), Knytt Underground will be 40% off ($8.99, Cross-Buy Enabled) and Big Sky Infinity will also be 40% off ($5.99, Cross-Buy Enabled).

Guardians of Middle Earth marks the first time a MOBA has been released exclusively for consoles, with no planned PC release. Without a mouse and keyboard available, several unique design decisions were made. For example, most attacks have ranges or areas of effect, and do not need to be subtly aimed. There is no in-game shop, because you set your item loadout before the match starts. The items gradually unlock as the match progresses. Finally, there is an optional match timer that, if used, determines a winner through a points system if time runs out. While 22 characters are available to play, more can be purchased through DLC. The DLC is not free through PlayStation Plus.

To make room for Guardians of Middle Earth, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will be leaving Playstation Plus. The discounts for Section 8, Madden 13, and escapeVektor will also expire. Make sure to download these today if you haven’t already, because the PlayStation Store can update at any time on Tuesday.


0 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus Update for 2/5/13: Guardians of Middle Earth

    1. We know that Sleeping Dogs will be out for the UK this month but unsure whether or not it’ll be out for the US also. We have a source that’s saying that next week’s PlayStation Plus freebie is Closure, and that Double Dragon Neon is getting pulled from the Instant Game Collection soon.

      I’m there with you on Sleeping Dogs. I can’t wait for that game to be free!


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