Select Final Fantasy Titles 50% off on PlayStation Store

Not to be outdone by Namco Bandai’s sale, Square Enix is marking down select Final Fantasy titles by 50% on the PlayStation Network. The sale commemorates twenty five years of Final Fantasy, a franchise known to some as the title that saved Squaresoft from a terrible fate, but known to many as the series that made Cloud, Tidus, and Lightning into household names… well, close to it at least.

The collection spans PSOne Classics and PSP titles, with the notable exception of Final Fantasy III which was released last year. With the work on a HD version of Final Fantasy X happening on both the PlayStation 3 and the Vita just starting, it seems like the PlayStation will be the only place where you’re able to play Final Fantasy from the first one to X for the time being.

You can expect the sale to begin with today’s PlayStation Store update, but in the meantime, here’s the complete list of titles that are marked down:

  • DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PSP)
  • FINAL FANTASY Tactics: War of Lions (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy II (PSOne Classics)
  • FINAL FANTASY IV: Complete Collection (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy V (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy IX (PSOne Classics)



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