Newest Tomb Raider Guide to Survival Talks Exploration

Tomb Raider‘s March launch is closing in fast and Square Enix wants to make sure that you’ll know what it takes to survive the jungle with their Tomb Raider Guide to Survival series of videos. The previous video in the series detailed how Lara is able to utilize skill points she earns through gaining experience points and how she is able to upgrade weapons and tools through the base camp system.

This latest video shows how Lara can use the various functions of the game to help with her exploration of the island, answering many gamers’ questions regarding whether or not this is an open world Tomb Raider game. The title will feature a Fast Travel system that will allow you to quickly jump from one base camp to another, shortening travel time and enabling Lara to explore parts of the island she’s discovered even further. In addition to this, the video also gives examples on how Lara, through gaining experience and upgrading her gear, is able to create more ways to traverse the environment. An example given in the video is her ability to combine arrows and ropes together, enabling her to cross large gaps and even create zip lines from one area to the next. Another example is through the use of the trench shotgun which, other than its obvious combat usage, is also utilized to clear large frail obstacles that tear apart with a shot from said weapon.

From its debut a couple of E3’s ago, this Tomb Raider‘s direction seems to respect and care about the essence of what the series is really all about: Exploration. Sure, there’s been some weird things like aliens, the occult, and plenty of curses that she’s had to deal with in previous games, but this more humanistic approach in depicting Lara Croft in her developmental years as an explorer could very well be her best adventure yet. We’ll have more coverage on Tomb Raider, as well as a review of this title, close to its launch on March 5th.

0 thoughts on “Newest Tomb Raider Guide to Survival Talks Exploration

  1. I know this is ridiculous that I’m commenting on my very own article, but I really can’t wait for this game. The fact that you can explore the island freely (or as much as your gear will allow you to do) seems really appealing to me, and I’m wondering if we’re ever going to see other games try to parrot this design idea.


    1. Are you talking about open world and gear gating? This design idea goes all the back to the original Legend of Zelda and Metroid, and was further refined in A Link to the Past and Super Metroid.

      I too can’t wait for this game, and the gear gating trailer made me even more excited. It really seems like the perfect blend of action/adventure/exploration/rpg. If you haven’t ever played the SNES metroid and zelda, I strongly suggest you do if you like these types of design features.


      1. Actually I love Super Metroid and it sits as one of my favorite games of all time! I think what I meant with what I said was I’m hoping other developers would see value in doing adventure games in this manner. The fact that Crystal Dynamic is doing something like this again appeals to my sensibilities. I have fond memories of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and their use of the design concept there, so naturally that’s what got me excited about Tomb Raider. I just hope that other companies look at this game after it’s released and realize that there’s actual value in making games in this manner. This is probably why I enjoyed Darksiders 1 and, in some cases, 2 so much… it’s a different take on game progression.


      2. I love both darksiders for different reasons. The biggest damn crying shame in years that Vigil didn’t get picked up.

        Are you going to review the game? I would love to hear a fellow metroid/darksiders fans take on it!


      3. I actually am! I’ll be picking up the game, just like everyone else, on the 5th and I intend to do an article about it during the first week that it’s out, then have a review the following week. I hear it’s a 15-20 hour game, so I’ll probably want to explore as much of the game as possible. That, and if the multiplayer actually makes sense.


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