PlayStation Plus Update for 2/12/13: Closure

The PlayStation Plus update for this week will be bringing puzzle platformer Closure as this week’s free game for subscribers. Closure is a unique game based around light. If you can see a platform, or a wall, everything is normal. However, if a platform or wall can’t be seen because it isn’t lit, you can pass through it as if it weren’t there. Check out the launch trailer for it below.

In addition to the free copy of Closure, PlayStation Plus will offer discounts. Critter Crunch for PS3 will be 80% off ($1.40), Alien Breed will be 20% off ($7.99, Cross-Buy Enabled), Derrick the Deathfin for PS3 will be 50% off ($4.00), and NHL 13 will be 20% off ($38.39).

King of Fighters XIII will be removed from the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection to make room for Closure. The discounts for Greed Corp, Gatling Gears, and Stardrone Extreme will be ending as well.

0 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus Update for 2/12/13: Closure

  1. I’m actually really looking forward to this game. I’ve seen gameplay footage of it, but never got around to it. Once again, PlayStation Plus’ value saves me bucko bucks (technically!)


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