The Latest Details and Specs of PlayStation 4 – Code Name: ORBIS

If you’re like us, you’re probably hoping for more information regarding Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4, codenamed: ORBIS. The info in this article is based on developer kit specs and widely reported information that we’ve compiled since more information leaked around January of 2013. If February 20th is to be the time that we’ll be seeing this brand new member of the PlayStation family, you can count on us to provide all the official specifications of the new platform.

According to several reports, Sony is said to be trying something new with user accounts in that you will be able to log in to a single console with multiple accounts. This feature, which Sony calls “multi-user simultaneous log-ins” will move ownership away from the consoles to a Cloud based account system where the console is just the medium of access. New accounts are logged in whenever a controller is connected. This type of set is best used with multiplayer games and will allow for each player or user account to receive trophies.

Playstation 4 code name ORBISThere are rumors that the PlayStation 4 will not be backwards compatible with PlayStation 3 titles and that Disc-based or PSN purchased games will be locked to the user account. There’s also talk that you will be able to transfer disc based games to your HDD or download them from PSN later.

Thanks to numerous photos appearing online, it’s all but officially confirmed that the PlayStation 4 controller is getting a redesign. There is a two-point multi-touch capable touch pad on the front of the controller, similar to the touch pad on the back of the PS Vita. The touch pad also sports a click function and can be used as an additional button.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that everyone here on the website is excited at what the future will hold for the PlayStation 4 and gaming in general. We can’t wait to see what the next round of games will bring, what the new console will look like and how the new controller will feel in our hands.

System Specifications based on Dev Kits:

  • System Memory: 8GB
  • Video Memory: 2.2GB
  • CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so. 8x cores)
  • GPU: AMD R10xx
  • Ports: 4x USB 3.0
  • Drive: Blu-Ray
  • HDD: 160 GB (Final console will have bigger HDD)
  • Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels
  • Resolution support up to 4096×2160

Watch Gamer Horizon for details of the Sony Press Conference on February 20th and get the final specs on the PlayStation 4.

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0 thoughts on “The Latest Details and Specs of PlayStation 4 – Code Name: ORBIS

  1. Next gen cycle, I’m just going to stick with Sony, kind of regretting getting a XBox360, it was cool in the beginning, but now, not enough time or drive to play XBox. I just end up turning my PS3 and even sometimes, my Wii. I can’t wait for 2/20 to see what they offer, and if they don’t show the next PS, it would be a problem. Right now, I’m psych, the only thing I’m sadden is not backward compatibility.


  2. Sony would need to take a new approach to SDK and opening up the platform to make the great hardware easier to tap. The blu-ray factor is a big plus if they can keep the price low. Right now I continue to enjoy the PC platform with Steam more and more each day after selling my PS3 a year ago. I seem to think Sony and other console makers are on an uphill battle here.


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