PlayStation 4 Revealed!

PlayStation 4 Controller
The All New, All Different Dual Shock 4!!!

February 20th, a day eagerly awaited by gamers, has come and gone. On that day, during the PlayStation 2013 Event, Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 4 and answered some of the questions that gamers have been wondering about.

The rumors about the controller have mostly proved accurate. The PlayStation 4’s new controller, the Dual Shock 4, was revealed and changes the look and feel of the ever so familiar Dual Shock we have come to know and love. The major features of this controller include touch input, a “light bar” that is similar to the Move controller and a share button that allows easy uploads of gaming videos and other content to social networks. The PlayStation Vita (and a variety of mobile devices) will also be able to remote play PS4 games through a feature called Second Screen. Second Screen will also allow gamers to interact with others through a new Social Network system. There they can upload videos, get help from each other or just talk to each other.

The PlayStation 4 will support video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. The PS4 will also be able to discern gamers’ taste based on certain criteria and will offer players purchasing recommendations and may even automatically download appropriate games for them.

The PlayStation store will also be revamped, with demos being provided through the Gaikai streaming service for instant playability. There are plans to use Gaikai to make PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games playable on the PlayStation 4 through a cloud service. Also theĀ XrossMediaBar (XMB) has been replaced by an entirely new interface as well. It has also been confirmed that PSN games are not transferable to the PS4.

PlayStaton 4 - Revealed at PlayStation 2013 Event
It is coming!

There were numerous game announcements during the PlayStation 2013 Event. These included new installments of several series, including Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Infamous: Second Son. Some new IPs were announced, including Deep Down (working title), Drive Club and Knack. Square Enix announced that a Final Fantasy game will be coming to the PS4 with details to follow at E3. Several previously announced games were also confirmed for the PS4 including Destiny, Watch_Dogs, and Diablo III. Also revealed was the new game from Indie Game developer Johnathon Blow, called The Witness.

Despite all of these new answers to old questions, several mysteries remain unsolved. These include the actual appearance of the console, the price tag, some technical details, the available hard drive space and of course, the precise release date. For now, we can look forward to the PlayStation 4 becoming available during the 2013 holiday season.

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0 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Revealed!

  1. Iam on the fence with the ps4 i bought ps2 and 3 at launch but I didn’t see enough to warrant a day one purchase iam waiting to see what Microsoft has to offer to be honest I pick up a wii u first


  2. The Playstation2013 event I think they shared enough information to get gamers and loyal Sony fans to have a reason to purchase the PS4, Not showing the console is not a big deal since it about games, not the hardware and so far the games they showed is good. But apparent with good news comes bad news as well, apparently Yoshida stated that the PS4 will not be compatible with the Dual Shock 3 and not able to transfer the PS3 save files and PSN games, I’m not happy since I invested so much money on it and when I shift to the PS4, I can’t continue playing them. I just hope maybe on the long run, Sony would reconsidered that, on a side note, not price cut on the Vita, I guess I won’t be getting any time soon.


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