PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Adds Isaac Clarke and Zeus

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale added a few new costumes and minions last night in a patch. However, the size of the patch was 619 MB on PS3, and almost 900 MB on Vita. Clearly more than needed to hold a few costumes and minions. Something was up. Today, that something was revealed as two more characters and a new stage for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, and God of War’s Zeus join the fray. Isaac is reported as being a character who uses his arsenal of weapons to do damage at a distance, but is capable of holding his own at close range. This reminds me of Emmett, or maybe Jak. Zeus is a plodding, methodical bruiser most reminiscent of Big Daddy. Just like with the last DLC release, there will be a new stage added to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. This one is a mashup of The Unfinished Swan with MediEvil. With the recent news that principal developer SuperBot Entertainment is no longer handling the game, it’s great to see PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale get continued support from Sony Santa Monica. No word on the cost of this DLC, but it will probably not be free like Kat and Emmett were. I imagine Isaac and Zeus will cost $4.99 each, with the new level being free to play in online ranked matches, and $1.99 if you want to play it offline. Related Link(s):

0 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Adds Isaac Clarke and Zeus

  1. Cool, too bad they won’t do the same tactics as what they did with the 1st DLC character pack. Now my question is how Issac Clarke relate to Playstation, I feel like he’s in the same category to Big Daddy which, he has no relation to Sony, unlike Raiden, Dante, and Heihachi. I think Dead Space was released simultaneously on both HD consoles. Anyway still cool.


    1. News has come out that retail copies of God of War: Ascension will come with vouchers for free copies of Isaac Clarke and Zeus. The game comes out March 12, and the voucher can be used starting March 19, when the characters go live. Otherwise, they are $4.99 each.


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