Tomb Raider The Final Hours

Tomb RaiderAs Tomb Raider is set to launch on March 5th, Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are releasing a series of videos hosted by Zachary Levi called Tomb Raider The Final Hours. While working relentlessly on the “Game of Their Careers,” Crystal Dynamics staffers discuss the tight deadlines they are under, the quality assurance process, integrated multiplayer and fine tuning the single player campaign as they ready the game for certification. If all goes well, Tomb Raider will make its early March launch window; if not, then the game will be delayed. We at Gamer Horizon really hope the game does not get delayed, though we would understand if it was. Since 1996, there have been eight games featuring Lara Croft.

On March 5th, 2013, Crystal Dynamics reboots the franchise with the release of Tomb Raider. Look for the full review on Gamer Horizon. We look forward to playing and can’t wait to see what the future holds for gaming’s first female hero (heroin). Check out two parts of Tomb Raider The Final Hours below.

Tomb Raider The Final Hours: Episode 5 – Part 2

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