Square Enix Announces Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake

Square Enix just announced that the Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC is available now. Set directly after the events of Sleeping Dogs, Wei Shen returns to the Hong Kong Police Department and is caught in the chaos of a vicious doomsday cult.  The Cult of the Snake is hell-bent on cleansing the city of its evil ways and will not negotiate with anyone as they cut a murderous path of righteous salvation. The clock is ticking and Wei Shen is running out of time to bring the Cult of the Snake’s leader to justice before judgment day arrives. Take to the streets with a new arsenal of weapons. Use a tear gas launcher and an electroshock pistol along with new outfits and abilities, as Wei must protect and serve the public from this menacing threat.

Originally titled True Crime: Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs tells the story of undercover Hong Kong police officer Wei Shen as he must infiltrate the Triad and gather information on Sun On Yee. Wei toes the line between his duties as a cop who can’t commit any crimes and that of a Triad who must prove his loyalties by committing crimes. Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake is the third DLC pack released for this game. The first DLC, Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare at North Point happens when Wei Shen’s girlfriend gets abducted by the Ghost of Smiley Cat. Wei finds that he is incapable of fighting these spirits, he has an apothecary brew him a special tea that imbues his body with the magic necessary to defeat them. In Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament, Inspector Teng requests that Wei investigate an illegal fighting tournament taking place on a nearby island. If this sounds familiar, it’s based on the Bruce Lee movie “Enter the Dragon” but follows its own story, fight scenes and ending.

Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake features four new Achievements/Trophies and is available for the Xbox 360 priced at 560 MS Points, the PlayStation 3 and  PC for $6.99.

sleeping dogs: Year of the Snake: Shootout

sleeping dogs: Year of the Snake: Interrogation

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