The Phantom Pain Interview Hints at GDC Reveal

The Phantom PainThe Phantom Pain, a game revealed at the Spike TV VGA’s, but is actually Metal Gear Solid V, was fleshed out in an interview on Game Trailers TV by a man claiming to be The Phantom Pain’s director, Joakim Mogren. Adding to the bizarre factor, his face is wrapped in bandages. He said that the bandages were to cover a recent accident, and that they would be off in time for the Game Developer’s Conference in two weeks, at which time there would be a much more “revelatory” trailer for The Phantom Pain.

If we hadn’t already figured out what this was all about, this would at least be intriguing. Since the truth behind The Phantom Pain already has been discovered, this PR stunt, for lack of a better phrase, comes off as weak and flailing. I don’t feel like I want to play along with this. For Pete’s sake, Joakim is the most obvious anagram of Kojima I’ve ever seen. I feel like in the end, this comes off as a really bad Andy Kaufman routine. I understand Konami’s desire for some secrecy, as Metal Gear Solid always ends up being one of the most analyzed and discussed games out there, and building that hype is great for marketing. But this is not the way to do it.


0 thoughts on “The Phantom Pain Interview Hints at GDC Reveal

  1. I think that’s part of the spectacle of a Metal Gear Solid reveal though and why we have much anticipation for Kojima’s games in general. It wouldn’t be a Kojima game without ridiculous amounts of viral marketing, after all.


  2. I think it’s funny and meant to be so. They know that we know. This dude is clearly not Japanese and that’s part of the joke. I don’t think Konami thinks they’re fooling anyone.


    1. For crying out loud, when this game was unveiled at the VGAs people at the Konami booth were freaking wearing The Phantom Pain shirts. If that isn’t telling, I don’t know what is.


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