Bioshock Infinite: How Irrational Created Elizabeth

Irrational Games has released a video of their soon to be released title for Bioshock Infinite that chronicles the creation of the lead character’s constant companion, Elizabeth. Ken Levine, the creative director at Irrational explains how the team designed Elizabeth from the ground up and brought her to life. “Meet the four women who devoted themselves to making Elizabeth more human than your average video game character, and the process involved in making her come to life.” Courtnee Draper is the voice of Elizabeth and brings emotion to the character. Heather Gordon supplies the motion capture acting and Amanda Jeffery is the level designer for the game. You will also get to see how a cosplayer became the face for Elizabeth after putting on a costume and posting a picture on Facebook. See what it takes to build a companion character specifically designed to bring the player closer to the story.

When I first played Bioshock, I thought “this game is awesome.” The use of plasmids in conjunction with you standard weapons was fun. I loved the story and couldn’t wait for a sequel. We got that sequel in Bioshock 2 but were a little disappointed. Playing as a Big Daddy was cool and I think everyone who played Bioshock wanted to do just that but there just seemed to be something missing. When I first saw Bioshock Infinite, I was going to let this one pass me by, that was until I saw the gameplay footage. This brought back all the interest I had from playing Bioshock and now I can’t wait to pick this game up and see what the city of Columbia and Bioshock Infinite have to offer.

Bioshock Infinite launches March 26 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Look for the full review of the game on Gamer Horizon.



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