The Last of Us “Wasteland Beautiful” Development Video

Naughty Dog has released “Wasteland Beautiful,” a new development video for The Last of Us. The video depicts the almost beautiful way nature reclaims the cities as humanity fights for survival. Watch as the development teams work together to bring the environment to life.

“Contrast is the key word for the development of every aspect in The Last of Us. There’s a counterpoint to nearly every detail in the game and we strive to show as much beauty as the ugly, brutal realities of the world allow. We think you’ll find our wasteland beautiful once you get into the game world in just a couple months.”

Team members collaborate with each other, often having impromptu meetings consisting of two or three individuals. Employees are encouraged to critique each other’s work in order to create a better game. If something needs to get done, all an artist has to do is find the individual and talk to them. The artist often bounce ideas back and fourth off of each other to figure out new and better elements to add to the game.

The music in the video creates somber moments putting the viewer in the shoes of Joel as he reflects on the state of the world around him. Without even playing the game, I could feel Joel’s pain as he moves through the environment and remembers what was lost. This is matched by Ellie’s curiosity about the world outside the quarantine zone. Watching these development videos helps to create an understanding of what the development team goes through in order to launch a AAA game. These behind the scenes moments are appreciated and we eagerly await the next video.

The Last of Us launches on June 14, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.



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0 thoughts on “The Last of Us “Wasteland Beautiful” Development Video

  1. Very, very interesting (and enticing) video. It really shows the technical prowess and attention to detail that goes into producing such as huge title as The Last of Us. Creating a post-apocalyptic world is never simple, mainly because one has to bring forth some familiarity of the old world to parallel that of the new world in order for it to be successful, IMO. This is one of my most anticipated games so I hope it can deliver in more areas than simply being a great cinematic experience, which I have a strong feeling it will.


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