Killer Frost and Ares Fight in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Netherrealm Studios released  the latest video from their upcoming game Injustice: Gods Among Us featuring the two latest playable characters Killer Frost and Ares. Killer Frost first appeared in the DC comics series Firestorm #3 on June 1978. Crystal Frost was studying to be a scientist when she accidentally locked herself in a thermafrost chamber Injustice: Gods Among Us - killer Frost & Aresand managed to survive. She acquired the ability to absorb heat from living beings and project frost or ice from her body. She changed her name to Killer Frost and began a crusade against men after her love interest and teacher Martin Stein rejected her.

Ares is an adversary of Wonder Woman who appeared in the DC universe in Wonder Woman #1 Vol. 1 during the summer of 1942. He is based on the Greek mythological figure Ares and has also had several appearances under the Roman name, Mars. A few of Ares’ abilities include immortality, unbreakable armor, command over any weapon and Godly strength.

This now brings the roster of playable combatants in Injustice: Gods Among Us to 24. After playing the demo, I have to admit that the game is a lot of fun. Even though I don’t play fighting games, I’m still interested in the story and seeing how that plays out. I played as Batman on the demo and managed to beat the other two playable characters of Wonder Woman and Lex Luther. Even with Doomsday as the final boss, I made short work of him with the game’s difficulty setting on easy. The part of the game that has me the most excited are the special attacks. I’ve only seen a few in the Injustice: Battle Arena Fights on YouTube. The one thing I did notice when playing was that Batman’s moves are somewhat based on Scorpion’s moves and that Killer Frost’s moves are based on Sub-Zero. She even has the ice slide for tripping opponents.

Injustice: Gods Among Us releases on April 16 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U gaming consoles. Be sure to watch for the full review on Gamer Horizon after the game is launched.


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