Disney Talks About Toy Box Mode In This Disney Infinity Video

Disney Interactive has released the latest video in their “Creating Infinity” series, this time focusing on the Toy Box mode. The video includes interviews with various individuals from Pixar and Avalanche Software. The video also includes commentary from┬áJohn Lasseter and John Blackburn, explaining how the “play how you want to” idea lead into the Toy Box Mode for Disney Infinity. The “Creating Infinity” video shows footage of a young Walt Disney playing with his trains along with commentary from a former Disney animator who worked on Dumbo and Fantasia. All of the individuals featured explain how the concept of free play creates new ideas and inspired the developers at Avalanche Software to create Disney Infinity.

John Blackburn, Vice President and General Manager at Avalanche Software talks about how the idea of the Toy Box came from Toy Story 3. The first incarnation was an island full of toys where the player would figure out what every toy could do. The development team play tested the initial prototype with kids who loved the game. The team learned they could take the idea even further by incorporating more characters from Pixar and Disney. That was when Toy Box Mode for Disney Infinity was born.

Watching this video brought back all the memories I had as a kid playing with the toys in my toy box. As I got older and moved from toys to video games, I stopped using my imagination and followed the path laid out in front of me. Disney Infinity is going to change this by letting players use their imagination in the Toy Box mode and let them create whatever scenario they can dream of.

Disney Infinity launches on August 28 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and 3DS.



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