Memory Gameplay Mechanic In Remember Me Video

DONTNOD Entertainment’s Creative Director Jean Maxime-Moris explains the memory gameplay mechanic and how it works in the latest Remember Me video. Memories define who we are, but they are also bought and sold for cash on the streets. In the video, Maxime-Moris explains that memories are digitized in real time, downloaded and shared through the use of the Sensen Brain Implant. This allows Memorize, a Paris-based corporation to control 99% of the worlds memories. Even though the population knows of the risk, people are more interested in the pleasures of memory sharing. With the rise in power of Memorize Corp., they have attracted a lot on unwanted attention. An activist group calling themselves The Errorist stand in opposition of Memorize.

In Remember Me, memory hunters have different types of memory mechanics at their disposal. One technique called the Remembrane can render stolen memories in real time allowing players to sneak into secured locations. Memory remixing allows players to alter the target’s memory by interacting with objects to change specific details of the memory and thus change the outcome of an event. Remember Me also sports a unique combat memory system called Pressens that allows the player to create their own combos. Pressens and S-Pressens have different effects once placed in a combo string. The further down the string the S-Pressen is, the greater the effect. The game offers a two-button combo system for ease of use when attacking. Players can also perform Memory Overloads on attacking opponents, wiping their memory as a finishing move.

Remember Me looks and sounds like an awesome game. It also sounds like a future I hope never comes true. I gotĀ curiousĀ and looked up the term “storing human memories” and found lots of technical and theoretical jargon on the subject. Once someone creates the Sensen Brain Implant or something equivalent to it, they will have violated several patents. Human beings tend to release all of our secrets onto social networks, whether we want to or not. The last thing humanity needs is a way to take raw memories straight from the human brain.

Remember Me launches on June 4 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Stay tuned to Gamer Horizon as we will bring you all the latest updates on Remember Me and a full review when the game launches.



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