What’s Up Weekend? for 5/31/2013 to 6/2/2013

What’s up readers? We’re introducing a brand new weekly segment this week titled, “What’s Up Weekend?” or “WUW” for short. As you probably noticed, we slow down the release of our articles during the weekend. While we work real hard to bring you some unique news and articles throughout the week, we realize that it’s also very important for our staff to have an actual weekend to spend for personal activities and/or to catch up on games they have for review. Like you, we’ve seen so many writers on other sites burn out on the weekend and have trivial content that doesn’t really fit into the general topic of “video gaming.” Don’t worry: We’re not about to do that any time soon.

Instead, we figured we’d turn the tables and tell you guys what we’ll be up to for the weekend and, perhaps in the future, where you can find us. We value our readership as “not just people we write articles for,” but also people who we’d like to meet, play games with, and have a conversation with. We hope to do this, starting with What’s Up Weekend? and many of the other brand new weekly articles you’ll be seeing in the next few weeks. In future installments, we’ll also be posting news and forum threads we’ve been reading that we just couldn’t post because we felt that the subject matter is something we’ve sufficiently covered, or discussions that we feel our readership should know and participate with.

At any rate here’s what the crew’s going to be up to this weekend, in their words!

Fuse - Sean wants to play Fuse... if only Gamefly would let him


Since this weekend is my birthday I plan on spending it with my beautiful girlfriend and our three pups. Maybe go out to eat dinner. She wants to see The Great Gatsby and I want to see Fast and Furious 6 so there’s that. I may jump into Fuse if Gamefly sends it to me. Other than that, relax and enjoy myself and not freak out about getting ridiculously old.

Tomb Raider - Ari's going to try and see if he can finish Lara's latest adventure this weekend


I’m hoping to finally see either Iron Man 3 or Star Trek: Into Darkness. I’d also like to finish up Tomb Raider. Man, am I behind the curve or what? I’m sure to find some time to play a few games of Magic: The Gathering, my old and new addiction. Is it normal to abandon hobbies only to come back to them a decade later?

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - Chris is answering the Call of Juarez this weekend


I plan on finishing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and watching After Earth.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Is it really surprising that Ted is going back to this game?


After finishing Resident Evil: Revelations, I’m going back to my comfort food, which is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I want to finish my HR4 -> HR5 Urgent Quest, which requires me to find a few other people who won’t get themselves killed in three hits. I should have finished this ages ago, but in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, 3 combined deaths in your party ends the mission. Sigh. I’m also really close to actually finishing Motorstorm RC, which means I can delete it from my Vita to free up some space.

Suikoden - Look at that fantastic PSOne artwork! *sarcasm*


Well, I’m having a big birthday bash tomorrow evening so there’s that. Yes, Sean and I have the same birthday, but did you know that Alanis Morissette (a.k.a. God in Dogma) has the same birthday as us too? Quite random ain’t it? But other than that, I actually just started a game of Suikoden and I intend to revisit it as much as I can this weekend. Could you believe that I’ve actually never played that game? I should also probably add that I’ve been seeking a Legend of Zelda-like experience that I can play on my PS Vita, so I’ve been looking into getting Alundra and/or Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Unlike Chris, I’m not too interested in seeing M. Night Shyamalamadingdong’s newest movie After Earth. Yes, he worked on it… and the absence of his name in all of the film’s marketing materials is suspect.

What are you up to this weekend? Sound off in the comments and hope you have a fantastic weekend! Remember: Only a little bit over a week until E3 2013 officially starts!

0 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend? for 5/31/2013 to 6/2/2013

      1. Yeah, my WUW is not happening. My dog is sick so it’s stay home and make sure he’s OK.


  1. So… I never played any video games this weekend. Instead, I was totally hung over and was completely useless until 6pm yesterday. But I got MY COUSIN to play Bioshock Infinite? Does that count?


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