E3 2013: Fantasia: Music Evolved Presentation

During my booth tour at Disney Interactive at this year’s E3, I managed to get a glimpse of Disney and Harmonix’s next big game, Fantasia: Music Evolved. Of course, the very first thing I thought of was, “Wow. This was a quick cash in of an old franchise, conveniently timed after Disney Interactive dissolved all internal development!” Little did I know that this project was in development for three years now, and that Harmonix has been secretly toiling away at this game up until its proper unveiling a few days ago.

The following video actually does a much better job of explaining the positioning of Fantasia: Music Evolved to the masses and after you’ve seen the video, it’ll be very clear that Harmonix really thought through the use of the license and what needed to be conveyed with using said title. Perhaps even more notable is that this is the first ever filmed footage of a game being played on the Xbox One using the Kinect that comes bundled with the system and, while Harmonix is a great team, I couldn’t help but notice that there is lag to the game. Still, it might just be because it’s early, and the game isn’t due out until 2014 at the earliest.

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