E3 2013: Infamous: Second Son Impressions

Sucker Punch showed off a short playable demo of Infamous: Second Son in their E3 booth on the show floor. The first part of the presentation was the previously seen video from the Sony Press conference. Two developers from Sucker Punch then started the 10 minute playable demo. The demo starts with the new game’s protagonist, graffiti artist Delsin Rowe attempting to retake the Pacific Science Center in Seattle Washington from D.U.P. enforcers. Sucker Punch based the game in Seattle mainly because they think the city is great and more importantly, that is where the company is based. The city will feature several recognizable landmarks including the Seattle Space Needle, Pacific Science Center and possibly Sucker Punch headquarters. After watching the demo and learning Sucker Punch is located in Seattle, I wanted to ask if their building would be in the game, but forgot. The developer also mentioned there would be puddles of water on the ground just like Infamous had, I’m hoping they will add weather effects to the game changing how the game is played during rain.

Infamous: Second Son - BlasterDelsin’s main power is the ability to drain conduit powers. In Infamous: Second Son, he acquires smoke powers after a confrontation with a conduit on a city bus. Although the developers didn’t say, I’m thinking that Delsin will have to drain conduits of their powers in order to level up. It’s obvious Delsin has become a more powerful conduit in the demo as he has the ability to teleport, shoot charged energy bolts from his hands and hover through the air.

During the battle with the D.U.P. enforcers at the Science Center, Delsin shoots several of them from afar, melee attacks one with a chain he keeps around his wrist and destroys a bridge. In Infamous, only vehicles were destructible; Infamous: Second Son appears to have destructible environments which is something that I’m really excited about. All the D.U.P. enforcers the Delsin encountered were armed with either an assault rifle or sniper rifle. The ones armed with the sniper rifles also had conduit powers they used to launch themselves into the air to get away from Delsin. This cat and mouse game went on for about a minute before Delsin finally caught the D.U.P. enforcer conduits. The demo came to a close with Delsin destroying a large power generator, then charging his powers to teleport himself very high into the air with a move called the “orbital strike” before thrusting down to the ground in the middle of a group of D.U.P. enforcers creating a large explosion and finishing them off. I’m not sure how far Infamous: Second Son is into production but the 10 minute demo Sucker Punch showed off looked amazing. This is in my opinion the best game I saw at E3 2013 and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game when it launches in early 2014 for the PlayStation 4.


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