E3 2013: Reflections from a first-timer

Whew! E3 2013 is over and I made it through unscathed! I have to admit, I’m kind of sad it’s over. Three days is not nearly enough time to see everything and balancing what I wanted to see and what we needed to cover was pretty tough. I was fortunate enough to either have great timing or make myself seem important enough to forego waiting on any long lines. None of which was intentional.

After I sat back and wrote down what I saw and/or played I came up with a list of 22 games. Some of which I’ve already written about in some capacity or another, others I will hopefully get around to covering in a “rest of E3 2013” wrap-up.

I’m going to name three games right now that are going to be huge: Titanfall, Infamous: Second Son and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Get hyped about these games because their worthy of any and all praise they get.

I was able to meet some people I respect and enjoy in our side of the industry like Angry Joe, Hip Hop Gamer, Jeff Cannata from Weekend Confirmed and Mitch Dyer from IGN. I also met some cool peeps like Angelo D’Argenio from Cheat Code Central after being shafted by Konami. And Steve Tom Sawyer from Hardcore Gamer during CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 3 presentation when he and Ted did some hilarious improvisation when the demo had some technical difficulty.

Being able to talk to the developers about their games was an awesome experience as well. You can feel their passion for their titles and an overall excitement about video games. Listening to people like Christian Allen from Serellan talk about the design decisions behind Takedown: Red Sabre, you can see that he and his team are sincere and laser focused on delivering a realistic, hardcore, tactical shooter. Listening to Sucker Punch’s co-founder Brian Fleming talk about Infamous: Second Son and seeing his reaction to the audience’s reception of the gameplay demo was unlike anything I’ve ever been privy to.

E3 truly is a magic event and being on the other end, delivering previews and insight on what I was able to see, has been thrilling. Shedding light on great indie games like How to Survive, which is really trying to bring something new to the well-worn zombie game, makes me ecstatic to be able to do what the Gamer Horizon crew allows me to do.

And speaking of the Gamer Horizon crew: I can honestly say, that this is the best group of guys I could ever have hoped to attend my first E3 with. I thought I loved video games, but these guys make me look casual by comparison. Their passion and dedication to Gamer Horizon and this wonderful hobby of ours is inspiring. Listening to Ari talk about Final Fantasy XIV: A Raealm Reborn or Ted speaking about Octodad: Dadliest Catch or Alex speaking about Fantasia: Music Evolved or Chris talking about his experience with Battlefield 4, I know that I’m with the right team and ever so thankful for this experience. I promise guys, next year no arguments!

I genuinely feel bad for anyone that doesn’t enjoy E3 or his or her job covering it. My biggest wish is to be able to do this full-time and this year was the first step and while I’m nowhere near done with my work from E3, I’m anxiously looking forward to June 9-12th of next year – Day Zero to Day 3 – to do it all again.


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