A Hat in Time Kickstarter surpasses stretch goals

Indie developers Gears for Breakfast surpassed the $200,000 mark for their collect-a-thon platformer, A Hat in Time. The Kickstarter for A Hat in Time began on May 29, 2013 and has rapidly grown over the four week period and is currently standing at $230,000. Some of the stretch goals for the Kickstarter include developer commentary, co-op mode, a 6th and 7th bonus chapter, full voice acting and more. Grant Kirkhope is also writing a tune for A Hat in Time with 1 bonus tune for every $15,000 above the $200,000 mark. Currently, the game is slated for a PC and Mac release around February 2014. Gears for Breakfast developers are trying to get on Steam Greenlight for a digital distribution release and are also hoping to get their game launched on the Wii U.

A Hat in Time stars Hat Kid, a brave interstellar time traveler who is attempting to stop the Mustache Girl from using time for evil purposes. Players must collect all the time pieces and put them back together if they want to help Hat Kid. A Hat in Time falls under the traditional 3D platformer and is styled after Nintendo 64 games like Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64. Hat Kid will have the ability to double jump, slide, and wall jump to traverse the different environments. As she progresses through the game, she will acquire new upgrades for her umbrella including a pogo stick and hookshot. With each new upgrade, Hat Kid gains alternate combat functionality giving her more diversity in combat.

The first time I saw A Hat in Time, it immediately caught my attention and I knew I had to join the Kickstarter. It had already been going for several days and had surpassed its initial goal before I joined. I look forward to playing the game and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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