Cube World makes me wish I had a PC to game with

What happens when you mix a procedurally generated world like Minecraft, some inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, and the richness of World of Warcraft? You’ll probably get something like Cube World, from a dude named Wollay. Don’t believe me? It says so on the official site.

Wollay started the game as a hobby project back in June 2011, with his wife, Mrs. Wollay, joining the development of the game in 2012. At first glance, a lot of it looks like Minecraft, but the exploration and the promise of adventure is what’s fascinated me about this project. While Wollay mentioned elsewhere that a console version (specifically PlayStation 4) is in consideration, I guess I can wait until a Mac version comes out… unless this is one of those situations where the Alpha takes about 2 years to complete.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just salivate over these videos I found of the game.

Would you be interested in playing in a procedurally generated world if it had Zelda and World of Warcraft inspired gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!

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