You don’t need a hero, you need Mad Max

Avalanche Studios and WB Games released a new gameplay video for their 2014 title Mad Max. This post-E3 video shows Max as he wanders through the wasteland surviving any way he can and driving his new interceptor, the Magnum Opus. Avalanche Studios has created an open world game featuring Max and his trademark double-barrel shotgun, a new interceptor for vehicle combat, and marauding hordes of insane Mad Max - Shotgunbandits who want nothing more then to take out Mad Max. Max will also use hand to hand combat to take on his enemies using new weapons like the boomstick as he attempts to recover his former interceptor which was stolen by bandits. Mad Max is set to launch sometime during 2014 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Avalanche Studios went through a bit of controversy after the game was debuted at E3 when it was announced that an American actor would be playing the voice of the Australian Max. They have since corrected this by announcing that they will hire an Australian voice actor for the key role.


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