Eidos Montreal boss divorces Square Enix

Stephane D’Astous, the founder of Eidos Montreal and its boss has sighted irreconcilable differences between himself and Square Enix. These differences led to D’Astous resigning his position at the company he helped create. D’Astous made a statement blaming Square Enix for the “lack of courage and lack of communication” that led to his decision. Let’s face it, Square Enix has had a bad couple of years. Blaming games the Tomb Raider reboot and the lack of Hitman sales for the companies poor shape led Square Enix’s CEO to resign. The company soon went on an internal restructuring gambit that saw D’Astous moved to a new role focused on cross-studio operations and Eidos Montreal given the dubious responsibility of mobile and tablet gaming responsibilities. This left David Anfossi, the producer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution as the boss of Eidos Montreal.

“Since last year’s financial short-coming performance of Square Enix Europe, we (HQ London and GM Eidos-Montreal) have had growing and divergent opinions on what needed to be done to correct the situation,” D’Astous said.

D’Astous also went on to say, “The lack of leadership, lack of courage and the lack of communication were so evident, that I wasn’t able to conduct my job correctly. I realized that our differences were irreconcilable, and that the best decision was unfortunately to part ways.”

Tomb Raider - Hunting for experienceEidos Montreal’s latest game release was Deus Ex: The Fall for iOS. The studio is currently working on Thief 4 for the PlayStation 4. Square Enix has a long way to go before they dig themselves out of this self perceived hole they have gotten themselves into. I understand that every company in the gaming industry is a business that has to make money but 3+ million copies of Tomb Raider and Hitman sold are hardly a failure. Unfortunately all the decisions being made for Eidos Montreal are coming from Square Enix whose main focus has and will probably always be Final Fantasy.

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