Blackpowder devs create the Betrayer

Betrayer is a new game in development by the newly created studio Blackpowder Games. This new studio is comprised of former members of Monolith studios who have worked on titles like Shogo: Mobile Armor DivisionF.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever. Betrayer is described by Creative director Craig Hubbard as an “eerie and atmospheric first-person action adventure game” set during the English colonization of the New World in 1604. Set in Virginia, an unknown evil has befallen the colony draining it of color and life. The player must search for survivors and investigate the situation by gathering clues and awakening the memories of the dreaming dead. Betrayer uses weapons set to the period and will have players running through the untamed wilderness with muskets, throwing axes and crossbows as they encounter corrupted Conquistadors and ravening shadows along with other unknown enemies. Betrayer launches on Steam with early access beginning on August 14, 2013. Here is a quick video of the game and what it looks like. The black and white look isn’t an art style choice but a symptom of what’s happening in the game.



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