On The Horizon: Saints Row IV

Guten morgen, dear readers! Welcome back to this week’s edition of On The Horizon, where we reveal to you what games are coming out and tell you what content we have planned for you this week from all of the crew here on the website. It’s a ridiculously busy week for everyone here, so let’s get started!

Saints Row IV is finally coming out this Tuesday, so make sure you’ve preordered your game regardless of what version you may be getting, so you won’t be missing out on the fun tomorrow! I’ll be reviewing Saints Row IV over the next coming days and weeks, so if you want to team up and help me with checking out the Co-op mode, you’re more than welcome to add me on PSN, as I’ll be playing the game on my PlayStation 3. However, I should note that I won’t have internet until Saturday, so I probably won’t get around to it until then. My information is on my profile, so just click on my name or my photo and go to my Raptr account… you’ll see it there. Let’s check out a video, straight from the devs, and see what Saints Row IV is to them. Epic.

Sean is very much looking forward to Splinter Cell: Blacklist and will be writing a review within the next few weeks. But for now, he’s really excited about the prospect of a new Splinter Cell. But will the lack of Michael Ironside hinder his enjoyment? I suppose we’ll find out very soon! And I personally love stealth titles, so Ubisoft taking another crack at the genre, even going to far as to brag that it’s closer to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory in its gameplay, definitely has my interest piqued. So if you’re into the stealth action genre, you should probably check this trailer out.

Chris has been playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown since it went free on PlayStation Plus, so it’s natural that he’s picking up The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. This game isn’t just a third person shooter: It has a lot of the same interface elements and gameplay elements of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and it has the same brutal AI that will probably leave you with a lot of dead squad mates. Let’s hope Chris’ luck is better in The Bureau than in Enemy Unknown, as he’s currently planning to review the game soon. Here’s the official launch trailer for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Ted, being the fighting game aficionado that he is, is going to pick up Divekick and he’ll happily review it for you in the event that you’re still hesitant in purchasing this off-beat yet interesting fighting game. No half-circle forward motions, no charge back then forward, none of that. Instead, you get two buttons: Dive. And Kick. And it’s an instant kill. There hasn’t been a game with this much brutality since Bushido Blade on the PlayStation, where hitting an artery with your sword defeats your opponent. But I digress: Divekick is awesome, and you should check out Ted’s review when it comes out. Maybe he’ll even record a video or two about it? Check out this trailer and let us know what you think!

Disney Interactive sent us a review copy of Disney Infinity that hasn’t arrived yet, but in case you haven’t picked the game up yesterday, we’re acknowledging its release on this week’s On The Horizon. A lot of readers are confused as to what the game is in general: Is it a platformer? A racing game? A pirate game? To be quite honest, this is why I’m looking forward to trying it out – to find out what it really is. Either way, it looks like a must have for any Disney fan. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Remember Flashback? Ubisoft’s got a remake of the game coming out on the 21st titled Flashback HD and, while the original already looks fantastic, the new game looks great and remains true to the style and motif of the original. You don’t know what Flashback is? Then check out the trailer below and expect a review from Sean in the next coming days!

This week on Gamer Horizon, I have a review of Gone Home that I’ve just been wanting to write about, as well as an editorial that you might find interesting if you’ve played certain “mundane” games recently. Also, Ted’s got a feature on Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F that will enlighten you about the upcoming game. Ari’s gotten a Deponia kick recently and he’s got a review of Chaos on Deponia coming later today. Sean’s got a preview of the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer that he’s dying to share with you, since he’s a huge fan of the series, so expect that this week as well. And, of course, Chris has you covered with all the important news articles coming out this week.

Are you picking up any of the games mentioned? Looking forward to any of the content we’ll be releasing this week? Sound off on the comments below!

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