Patrick Plourde’s Child of Light is a playable painting

Patrick Plourde, a Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal, recently showed off new images of a game he’s producing called Child of Light at GDC Europe today. Plourde served as the creative director for Far Cry 3, which launched late last year to rave reviews. This new title was inspired by classic Square JRPGs of yesteryear like Final Fantasy VI and uses the Ubi-Art Framework, the same engine that powers Rayman Legends. Child of Light will tell the story of a young girl that grows up mentally and physically through her journey.

Plourde goes on to explain about the artists who inspired him, like Hayao Miyazaki, who created Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro, and Yoshitaka Amano, who was a character designer, costume designer, and illustrator for the theater, anime, and video games like the Final Fantasy series. Plourde states he got most of his inspiration from the Swedish painter and fairy tale illustrator John Bauer.

When Final Fantasy VI was released in April 1994, the limitations in technology and hardware forced the developers to pixelate the art work for the game. Child of Light will not have the same problems, as the actual high resolution artwork created by the Ubisoft Montreal team will be used in the game. In order to breath life into the artwork, Plourde used the Ubi-Art Framework and designed the game to be a playable painting.

With game specifics kept to a minimum, Plourde hinted at co-op gameplay, along with a PC and console release. He also hinted that new information will come on September during Ubisoft’s Digital Day event and that Child of Light should launch sometime around Winter of 2013.

Note that the images being used are based on photographs taken of the screen during Plourde’s presentation and have been cropped.

Child of Light 1


Child of Light 2


Child of Light 3


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