Infamous: Second Son devs talk about control

It’s very clear to us here at Gamer Horizon that of all the games that we saw at E3 2013 that Sucker Punch’s Infamous: Second Son was by far one of our most anticipated games coming in the next generation. And it’s not that difficult to believe, really: Sucker Punch has had enormous success with their Infamous┬áseries on the PS3 as well as their Sly Cooper games on the PS2, both of which are considered by gamers as some of the best games in their generation. So naturally, when we heard about Infamous: Second Son and finally saw the game┬ábeing demoed to us live at this year’s E3, our collective jaws hit the floor.

Sucker Punch isn’t done teasing us with small bits of Infamous: Second Son information however, as they’ve just released a video talking about how they’re utilizing the new Dual Shock 4 in making your gameplay experience with Delsin Rowe as intuitive and fun as possible. From what I’ve seen from the video… and I’ve been replaying it over and over… Sucker Punch is obsessively tweaking the controls of the game so that gamers’ first experience with Infamous: Second Son and, by proxy, the Dual Shock 4 controller is just as memorable as the high points of the game. Tall order, right?

Infamous: Second Son comes out first quarter 2014 for PlayStation 4, and you can count someone in our crew reviewing the game when it comes out. Excited for the next gen yet?

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