What’s Up Weekend for 9/13/2013 to 9/15/2013

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Welcome to another mischievous edition of What’s Up Weekend, where we, the Gamer Horizon crew, reveal to you what we’re all going to be playing and up while we’re off of our “shift” here on the website!

If you’ve been to our site over the past week or two, you’re probably getting used to the various changes we’ve made on how we’re presenting new stuff to you on the site. That being said, we invite you to Like our Facebook fan page, Follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our e-mail digest so you won’t miss anything we post on the site. Subscribing to our podcast and leaving reviews for it on iTunes would help us out too!

And so, without any further ado, here’s What’s Up Weekend!

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl
Well, we know Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a fun game so far thanks to Ari’s preview, but Etrian Odyssey Untold demands Ari’s attention! At least it’s on the 3DS.


I’m moving!! Ahhhh! This is one weekend where I can safely say that I will have little or no time for playing games. If by some miracle I find a moment or two to play, I will get a bit further in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl, which I hope to have reviewed in time for its release date of October 1st.


Payday 2
If you’ve listened to the podcast we released this week and read Sean’s review, you know what Payday 2 is all about.


Star Wars Burlesque on Friday (Editor’s note: Tonight, duh!) and then the weekend is going to be spent trying to finish up Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s offline achievements, the Skyrim DLC and hopefully get some Payday 2 and Black Ops 2 time.


Killzone Mercenary
Ted’s in it for Killzone Mercenary!


I’ll be competing in the Skullgirls tournament at Super Arcade, which will be broadcast on twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds this Saturday at 6 PM. Then on Sunday I’m going to the LA County Fair! In the downtimes, I’ll be looking to play more Killzone Mercenary.


Dragon Age 2
Flemeth may or may not be a grandmother, depending on Chris’ choices in his playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. That being said, he’s out visiting the grandparents all throughout the weekend up until the end of next week!


I’m going to be looking after my grandparents all weekend.


Saints Row IV
I’m going home to Steelport, b****es!


So close! I was about to finish my Diablo III review then Ari had to block me from doing so thanks to some bug he found on the site! Argh! I was able to finish writing my Diablo III review prior to the end of the day! YES! Go check it out, if you can! With that said, this weekend’s going to be awesome! My roommate is going to be gone for several days and, now that Diablo III is pretty much done (in terms of my initial playthrough that is), I can now sink back into Saints Row IV and, at some point, finally release the review for it! It’s been a long time coming, but I’ll make the whole review worth your while! On a side note, I’m thinking of trading in some of my games so that I can get Puppeteer. That game really looks good!


And there you have it! Another What’s Up Weekend is in-the-can! Let us know what you’re going to be up to and what you’ll be playing this weekend. We’ll see you back on Monday!

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