New Pinball Arcade DLC to not offer Trophies

New DLC pinball tables for Farsight’s Studios The Pinball Arcade will no longer feature trophies, starting with Table Pack 16. It’s not a technical problem… they simply ran out.

The Pinball Arcade has 96 trophies worth 2400 points. This is the highest of any downloadable title on PlayStation. Mike Lindsey at Farsight said “We reached our limit for trophy packs,” which is set by Sony. He mentioned Uncharted 3 has 105 trophies worth 2190 points.

One of the reasons I prefer the PlayStation version of The Pinball Arcade is the trophies. Now, this won’t stop me from buying future packs, as another reason I prefer this version is the Cross-Buy. However, will this stop you? Let us know in the comments.


0 thoughts on “New Pinball Arcade DLC to not offer Trophies

    1. Well, one thing to consider are the feelings of other PlayStation developers. If people buy games because of trophies, then more people will buy Pinball Arcade DLC JUST BECAUSE. Even so, it’s clear there has to be a better solution.


  1. I’m obsessed with pinball games, so it will not stop me from buying them as soon as they come out. However, it is silly that there is a limit placed by Sony on publishers for trophies, even though every sports game gets their own each year and it is just the same game regurgitated.


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