Killzone Mercenary to get free major update

With all the hullabaloo around Killzone Shadow Fall, it’s easy to forget that two months ago, we got a sublime shooter for the Vita, Killzone Mercenary. I gave it 9 out of 10, and if you own a Vita, you need to buy this game.

Today, Guerrilla Cambridge announced there will be at least 4 upcoming patches. The next one will do nothing except reduce the size of the total patch size by 800 MB. This is useful, since the patch is over 1 GB. Update #4 will fix some connection issues, and add auto-team balancing features. Update #5 is the big one, which will add 2 new multiplayer maps at NO additional cost. Update #6 details will be revealed later, but they said they will add support for Vita TV, so they’ll remove things like touchscreen executions and touchscreen adjustment for sniping. They’ve edited the blog post to say “Only applicable to territories where the Vita TV will be sold” because people wouldn’t stop assuming this meant the Vita TV is confirmed for US release. It still isn’t.

These updates should breathe new life into a game that I was really hoping would get some DLC.


New Killzone Mercenary Updates Coming, Free Multiplayer Maps

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