PlayStation Plus Update for 1/7: Don’t Starve

If you haven’t picked up Contrast for PS4, you better; it’s going away and being replaced by Don’t StarveDon’t Starve is a survival game where you, a gentleman scientist, have to make do with the resources you find to make tools and contraptions to avoid starving, or dying. Starving is a form of dying.

DmC is also free. This re-imagining of Devil May Cry may not have performed to sales expectations, but I think it did much to get rid of some of the tropes of the franchise, and create a very solid action game.

As far as sales go, there’s nothing… wait. Streetkix: Freestyle? What’s that? It’s a PSP game you say? And it comes out on 1/7? That’s… huh. Well okay. It’s on sale for $10.79 for PlayStation Plus members, a discount of 10%.


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